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Pinterest: SEO Opportunity?

I hope that after my last post, you no longer think Pinterest is just for your pre-teen daughter and DIY crafts.  Pinterest has so much potential for companies both big and small.  I talked in my last post about how to make your company visible on Pinterest, now I am going to talk a little about how Pinterest can be used to improve search engine rankings. Continue Reading →


Not Your Daughter’s Pinterest


Remember when we were kids and cut pictures out of magazines to make collages?  Well, the creators of Pinterest have taken this concept and made it virtual.  We are no longer limited to sharing our interests with just family and friends; we are now able to share our interests with the world through images.  Pinterest is growing like crazy and presents a great opportunity to digital marketers. Continue Reading →


The Future of Pinterest



An e-mail from Pinterest caught my eye this week with the subject line “Planning for the future”.  Ben Silberman, CEO and co-founderof the popular image social media site Pinterest, announced that the company was going to begin “experimenting with promoting certain pins from a select group of businesses.” Continue Reading →


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