3 Tips to Optimize Your Personal Brand

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Pick Me out of the crowdAs I am in the job search and interviewing process, I thought it would be relevant to talk about SEO as it can relate to personal brands. During my research, I found that up to 90% of recruiter’s google a candidate’s name before interviewing or deciding to call him to set up an interview.

We all know to keep our social media clean and untag ourselves from unflattering pictures. But is there anything we can do to proactively sell ourselves through our online presence before we even walk into the interview room?

There are 3 things to keep in mind when building your online presence!

1. Blogging

Create your own personal website and start blogging! Start building your personal brand and creating a voice for yourself. Begin creating content, whether that be blog posts or videos. Show off your personality and expertise. You don’t have to be an industry leader to have an opinion. Use SEO best practices to optimize your content to start ranking on Google. You can influence what the recruiter sees when they type in your name into Google, so show them who you are.

2. Social Media

Share, Share, Share. Share your content, share other people’s content, and communicate with others. Interact with people in the industry that you want to eventually be a part of. Network and join the conversations and eventually someone will notice you.

3. Business Social Media

Make sure you are on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a big part of the way companies are recruiting. Make sure your LinkedIn tells your story in the best possible way. Also, don’t forget to optimize your LinkedIn. Edit your customizable LinkedIn URL and make as much of your profile visible as possible so that Google can index it.

These are the top three things I could think of to optimize your online presence. What are you doing? How are you leveraging your website for your personal brand?

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