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I don’t know about you, but I love reading blogs from business to personal. I love a quick read to learn something new or think about something from a different perspective. I also love hearing the gospel preached and being convicted in my faith. So here is a roundup of blogs that I loved this week.

Has ‘Authenticity’ Trumped Holiness?

The Gospel Coalition always posts great things! I saw this blog being shared on Facebook by a lot of my friends and the title definitely grabbed me. Give it a read. It’s an interesting take on current evangelical Christianity and its emphasis on brokenness.

Many Singles Avoid Small Churches, But Maybe They Shouldn’t

This blog comes from which is part of Focus on the Family. They write content for the twenty-somethings who are trying to figure out life. I liked this post. I just graduated from a small college and I found a small Presbyterian church in town that I grew to love. I grew up in a large evangelical church, so this small church was quite the change. It was amazing to be a part of a community where you are really known and know others and their needs. When so many of my peers are looking for large churches with lots of programs, I encourage you to give the small church a chance, you might be surprised.

The Friends You Need Are Worth the Wait

This blog post was perfect for me this week. As a recent college grad who just moved back home, I’m really missing my college friends. Making friends used to be so easy, the girl you sat down next to in class or the girl across the hall became your best friend. As I’m learning in the adult world, making friends is not so easy. This post was an encouragement to keep making the effort to forge new friendships, even if that means pushing through the awkwardness.

How Instagram and Celebrities Sell Us Homogeneous Lifestyles

Interesting observations of Instagram and the “art” of lifestyle marketing. Our Instagrams “reflect less and less of the silly, artless, unfiltered “memory,” and more and more of a chosen, filtered, lovely ‘moment.'”


I thought I would include a book I’m reading. Maybe with updating my blog every Friday, I will be better about reading. You think once you graduate from college and have a full-time job, you’ll have more time. But that’s just not true. Anyway, Gilead by Marilynne Robinson has been fantastic so far! I’m about half way through. It is letter from a older man who is about to die to his son to read when he has grown up. It’s an interesting  look at middle America and the Church. I highly recommend it!

Well that’s what I’ve been reading, but how about you?

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