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Happy Friday! Here is a collection of blogs I’ve been reading this week. Desiring God had a lot of great ones. :)

Being Real About Being Real

Here’s another post about authenticity. I like how this topic has been trending lately. As Christians, we need to be careful that we are not attempting to only “be real” in the world’s sense. God is calling us to something higher than authenticity; he is calling us to love one another. We can be real without loving others, and that’s not what God wants. But at the same time, we can’t love without authenticity. I think it’s awesome that my generation of millennials are craving authenticity and I hope they will find the ultimate reality and community they crave with Christ and His people.

4 Ways Christians Can Be Better With Their Money

This post from Relevant might be review, but I think it’s still helpful. I’m just now setting up my budget as I get ready to move out of my parents’ house and these are four good questions we should be asking. He also has some links to some great budgeting apps and websites. Happy budgeting!

Married Moms Need Single Women

At first I thought this post was going to be about how moms need babysitters, but it’s not. :) The article talks about how valuable relationships are with people in different places and stages in life. In a Church where singles may not be perceived as valuable as marrieds, this article speaks to them (me!) and encourages us to all seek friendships with old and young and marrieds and singles.

Podcast: Reply All

This week I thought I would include what I’m listening to. I have about a 45 min. commute home right now from work and I’ve been listening to podcasts. This American Life is a favorite of mine, but I just now discovered Reply All by another NPR reporter. I’m really liking it! They had a whole episode on email-debt forgiveness day where people wrote in to talk about sending emails that they should have written a long time ago…there were some good stories!

Let me know what you’re reading! And I’m always looking for a great podcast for my commute!

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