How to Make the Most of Your Summer Internship

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You did the hard work in January. You applied to every internship in your field from California to New York and you finally got an interview and got offered the internship. Now it’s June and you just started working. How do you make sure you make the most of the experience? During the first week of my internship this summer, I was able to meet with each person in the communications department I am interning with. I got to ask some questions and I always made sure to ask for advice on how to make the most of my time with the company. And this is what they said.

1. Work hard.

Think of your internship as a 3-month job interview. Did you know that 66% of interns are hired on as full-time employees after graduation. Your internship is a great way to prove that you can handle the responsibilities of a full-time employee, so dress professionally and work hard.

2. Network and Explore.

As interns, we are not expected to know everything. Be a sponge for information and ask lots of questions. I know my department works with many other departments, and I have the opportunity to meet lots of different people. Where else are we going to have access to all of these different careers? Don’t be afraid to ask to set up meetings with people you are interested in. Feel free to send an email asking someone to coffee for 15 minutes to talk about their job or career. People love to talk, so take advantage of all these great people and learn something new.

3. Take advantage of every opportunity.

Again and again I have been told to take advantage of every opportunity whether it is a class offered by learning and development or a project you have heard people in your department are working on. Just ask if you are interested. Don’t take more on than you can handle, but take as much as you can.

These are some of my thoughts I have learned from talking with many of my new co-workers. I hope you find these thoughts helpful as you start your summer internship. Do you have anything to add to help interns make the most of their internships? I wish you the best on your summer work and, as always, please leave a comment below!

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