Unleashing the Power of Facebook Mobile

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In my last blog post I started a discussion on mobile marketing.  I’m going to take this post and dive into Facebook mobile. Let’s get started!

Historically, Facebook mobile has been hard to reach customers on because it is so different than the desktop version of Facebook.  According to Social Media Today of Facebook’s one billion users, approximately 200 million are mobile only.  This reinforces the importance of having an optimized mobile website to reach customers through their smartphones.  So, how do you best reach customers on Facebook mobile?

Facebook, like Google, determines which stories users will see.  Facebook calls this algorithm Story Bump.  Story Bump ranks stories by how many shares or likes they have and then determines which stories users will see.  So, it is important to not just have interesting content, but valuable content.  The only way your customers are going to see your posts or pictures are if they are seen as valuable through likes and shares.

It is also important to post at the right time of day.  Facebook has this awesome feature called insights feature.  It tells you when the majority of your customers are online!  Posting at the right time increases the likelihood that your mobile audience will see your updates.

Lastly, never forget a call to action in your posts.  With a call to action, your customers are more likely to respond by commenting or liking your status.  Another idea is running a contest to engage your customers and build a following.  There are lots of ways to run contests on Facebook and that is a post for another day.

In summary, the first step to increasing your presence on mobile devices is to optimize your website and Facebook profile to be the most useful to customers.  Second, you must optimize your posts both in timing and value.  Third, you must call the customer to action.  With these three tips in mind, you are on your way to building a great Facebook mobile presence.

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  1. Ryan Malenke December 18, 2013 at 11:20 pm #

    So, I read your post and saw the steps that you suggested below. Are their any small companies that are following all of these steps and having great success?

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